Organic Certification Cost Share Program (OCCSP) provides cost share assistance to producers and handlers of agricultural products who are obtaining or renewing their certification under the National Organic Program (NOP). Certified operations may receive up to 50 percent of their certification costs paid during the program year, not to exceed $500 per certification scope. 

Due to limited funds, FOG has reached our acceptance limit and is unable to accept further OCCSP applications for 2022. If more funding becomes available, we will contact applicants based on their order of submission. You may still be able to apply for OCCSP funding through your local FSA office. Read below for details.

General information: Applications are accepted on a first-come first-served basis due to limited funds. Applications are accepted until October 15, 2022, or until all funds have been distributed, whichever comes first.  Submitting an application does not guarantee that we will be able to submit for reimbursement if all funds are allocated before your submission. 

For 2022, OCCSP will reimburse 50% of a certified operation’s allowable certification costs, up to a maximum of $500 for each of the following categories or “scopes:”   

  • Crops  
  • Wild crops  
  • Livestock  
  • Processing/handling
  • State Organic Program fees

To apply for the OCCSP please send the following to, or send them by physical mail to Florida Organic Growers at 5700 SW 34th street Suite 349 Gainesville, Fl 32608, or by fax 352-377-8363 (email is the fastest and most efficient way for us to receive your application): 

  1. A completed application (click to download) 
  1. A completed W-9 form (click to download) 
  1. A copy of your organic certificate from your certifier 
  1. Invoices for your fees stamped “paid” by the certifiers 

Producers and handlers can also apply by contacting the Farm Service Agency (FSA) at their local USDA Service Center. As part of completing the OCCSP applications, producers and handlers will need to provide documentation of their organic certification and eligible expenses. 

Additional details can be found on the OTECP and OCCSP webpages. 

For more information on the Organic Certification Cost Share Program go to:   

Updated: 8/18/2022