Welcome to Backyard Market: Florida Organic Growers’ Virtual Farmers Market

Supporting Local Farmers, Nourishing the Community

Discover Fresh, Locally Sourced Goodness

About Backyard Market

The Backyard Market is your one-stop destination for the freshest, locally sourced produce and products. We’re dedicated to creating additional business opportunities for farmers, reducing food waste, and providing our community with a convenient way to access wholesome goods.

Why sell on The Backyard Market

  • Access to a Local Customer Base: The Backyard Market connects you with local consumers who prioritize fresh, locally sourced products.
  • Support for Sustainable Agriculture: By participating, you contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly food system.
  • Reduced Food Waste: The virtual market allows you to know orders in advance, minimizing food waste and improving your operational efficiency.
  • Additional Sales Channel: Diversify your sales channels and reach a broader customer base without the need for physical storefronts.
  • Convenience: Sell your goods without the hassle of setting up physical market stalls or retail locations.
  • Marketing and Brand Exposure: Benefit from the marketing efforts of the Backyard Market and gain exposure for your products.
  • Flexibility: Manage your inventory and pricing easily, adapting to changing demands and seasons.
  • Community Building: Foster a sense of community with your customers and other farmers through shared values and experiences.
  • Profitability: Increase your revenue by reaching more customers and reducing waste while maintaining competitive pricing.
  • Customer Insights: Gather data and feedback from customers to refine your product offerings and business strategies.
  • Support Local Economy: Contribute to the local economy by keeping money within the community and supporting fellow small-scale producers.
  • Easy Setup: The Backyard Market offers user-friendly tools and resources to get your products online quickly.

“Local food empowers communities, fosters sustainability, and keeps the bounty of the land close to home.”

— Gary Hirschberg

Why shop the Backyard Market

  • Local Sourcing: The Backyard Market provides access to locally sourced products, allowing people to support their local community and farmers.
  • Freshness: Shoppers can enjoy the freshness of products that are often harvested or produced at their peak, enhancing flavor and nutritional quality.
  • Reduced Food Waste: The market’s system of allowing farmers to know orders in advance helps reduce food waste, which aligns with environmentally conscious consumers.
  • Convenience: Shoppers appreciate the convenience of online ordering, making it easier to access high-quality, locally sourced goods.
  • Unique and Artisanal Products: The market offers a diverse selection of unique and artisanal products that may not be found in traditional grocery stores.
  • Transparency: Consumers value knowing where their food comes from and having direct access to farmers and producers for information.
  • Community Building: The market fosters a sense of community, allowing shoppers to connect with local farmers and like-minded individuals who share their values.
  • Support for Local Economy: By shopping at the Backyard Market, consumers contribute to their local economy, helping small-scale producers and businesses.


Do you have a question or would like more information about the market? If so, reach out to virtualmarket@foginfo.org.