Florida Organic Growers Sponsorship Opportunities

Florida Organic Growers began as a grassroots organization dedicated to promote quality organic food and sustainable farming practices. Today, thanks to the support of conscious and caring citizens of our planet like you, FOG’s mission has grown to include a wide range of programs, support, events and resources.  Changing the way we value and prioritize food production as a society is an economic choice, but it’s also a social choice, an environmental choice, an ethical choice, and a matter of public policy. Through our programming we help people learn about their power to influence and impact our food system and environment.

The support from conscious and caring individuals like yourself has been instrumental in expanding FOG’s mission and impact.

Continuing to expand our programming and collaborating with like-minded organizations and individuals will further amplify FOG’s impact in reshaping our food system. Your support, along with that of conscious citizens, plays a vital role in driving positive change. Together, we can create a more sustainable and equitable future for all.

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