Florida Organic Growers Sponsorship Opportunities

Florida Organic Growers began as a grassroots organization dedicated to promote quality organic food and sustainable farming practices. Today, thanks to the support of conscious and caring citizens of our planet like you, FOG’s mission has grown to include a wide range of programs, support, events and resources.  Changing the way we value and prioritize food production as a society is an economic choice, but it’s also a social choice, an environmental choice, an ethical choice, and a matter of public policy. Through our programming we help people learn about their power to influence and impact our food system and environment.

The support from conscious and caring individuals like yourself has been instrumental in expanding FOG’s mission and impact.

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Sponsorship Opportunities with FOG

– Targeted Marketing: Gain visibility through exclusive placement in The Organic Beet newsletter, reaching a focused and engaged audience of subscribers. Be part of in-depth coverage of FOG’s initiatives, the Fresh Take Podcast, educational resources, and more.

– Website Marketing: Expand your online presence by partnering with Florida Organic Growers on our website. Your sponsorship demonstrates commitment to sustainable agriculture and the environment, reaching a broader audience.

– Social Media Marketing: Leverage FOG’s robust social media presence to amplify your brand’s message and engage with our dynamic community. Stay informed about policy updates, network at events, and enhance your brand’s reach.

– Podcast Marketing: Connect with an attentive, sustainability-focused audience through our nationwide Fresh Take podcast series. Sponsoring our podcast aligns your brand with discussions on organic agriculture, sustainable living, and eco-conscious choices.

– Event Marketing: Support scholarships for farmers and students by sponsoring our upcoming events. Contribute to educational sessions, farm tours, and training opportunities, making a lasting impact on the future of sustainable agriculture.

Download our FOG Sponsorship Opportunities explore the wide range of opportunities available. Join us in advancing sustainability and organic agriculture for a healthier world.

Reach out today to discover the wide range of sponsorship opportunities available and join us in our mission to advance sustainability and organic agriculture. Let’s work together to build a healthier and more sustainable world.

For inquiries, contact alicia@foginfo.org.