The Florida Local Food Project

The Florida Local Food Project is designed to create and build connections among local food actors to establish stronger relationships to increase local foods in our communities. This USDA grant-funded project will take place over the next three years and includes six objectives that will aim to increase the availability, consumption, and sale of local foods throughout Florida.  

By identifying key areas and local food system actors who have the potential to expand, connect, and build stronger relationships in our food system, FOG and its collaborator Florida Farmer’s Market Association (FFMA) will work together with an advisory committee to facilitate the establishment of a Local Food Network to address specific needs and enable meaningful connections between farmers, restaurants, local food entrepreneurs, and other key food actors. 

The advisory committee for the Local Food Project is made up of experts across the state, who are actively involved in various sectors across the Florida food system and who will primarily aid in 1) identifying key actors, 2) developing assessments to determine barriers and needs, 3) creating tools to tackle the latter findings, and 4) assisting in measuring the impact of the project. Member organizations of the advisory committee include the University of Florida, Feeding Florida, and the Florida Food Policy Council.  

As a Local Food Network member:

  • Access to the Local Food Network of farmers, farmer’s markets, restaurants, local food businesses, nonprofits, and others who share local food values
  • Receive our newsletters from Florida Organic Growers with relevant local food information
  • Get added to our member listserv and access to updates, resources, and tools made available
  • Receive invitations to Florida Local Food Project events, with opportunities to make new connections and strengthen existing ones
  • Get followed by Florida Organic Growers social media pages and access to information and resources shared through Instagram and Facebook

Contact us!

Please contact our Local Food Project Coordinator if you have any questions regarding the project or would like to know more about how to participate. 

Contact: Lana Chehabeddine, Local Food Project Coordinator & Assistant Programs Manager 

Florida Organic Growers 

Phone: 352.574.2947