Our Focus

Florida Certified Organic Growers and Consumers, Inc. (FOG) supports and promotes organic, regenerative, and sustainable agriculture.

As many states around our country commemorate Juneteenth today and reflect on its meaning after the Emancipation Proclamation had been signed, these last few weeks we have witnessed the ongoing racial injustices that have led to the protests and pleas for real and permanent freedoms that do not allow and tolerate discrimination and inequalities.

There are numerous examples of events in our history, like the desegregation of schools in the 1950s and the social rights movement in the 1960s that also led people to protest and make great efforts to affect the kind of systemic change that would finally end the unfair treatments of black people, as well as other minorities and people of color. But unfortunately, in 2020 our country is still dealing with racism that we at Florida Organic Growers and Consumers know, like so many other institutions, will only stop when all of us make a real commitment to not only listen to blacks and all minorities, but take action and support them in a way that brings real change. 

As a grass-roots organization that fights for the well-being of farmers and consumers, FOG has seen the numerous injustices that plagues our Florida black communities, especially as it pertains to our food system.  And although we have tried during our thirty years of existence to address some of the problems that relate to the lack of adequate access to healthy and affordable foods that black neighborhoods often face, as well as have attempted to assist black farmers in their dreams and goals to earn living wages from their farms, we recognize that we have often failed at these endeavors because for most of them, these problems still remain. FOG has also been deliberate in working hiring, and providing support to people of different backgrounds, races, religions and sexual orientation. We are proud to have a very diverse staff that believes and practices social justice for all. However, we realize that there is so much more that we need to do. We continue to look for more ways to be a partner in the efforts to have racial justice for people of color and affect the kind of real change these communities deserve.

Although, we are saddened by the most recent events, FOG is also encouraged by some of the positive changes that have started to take place.  Thus, we are also making a more focused and systematic commitment to supporting Florida’s black and minority communities by working together with fellow institutions to address problems of injustice and inequality, especially concerning the unfair food system. As part of these efforts, we plan to begin tracking and speaking to black and minority farmers, agricultural businesses and their communities around the state to learn more about their challenges and struggles, so we can inform all our stakeholders of ways we all can try to help. We know that this must be a permanent effort and not one that is a temporary reaction to the current events.

We must build real and lasting relationships with our black and minority communities and make an honest effort to support them however we can.