Have you ever wondered who protects the integrity of the certified organic label? Your question answered here!

Listen to our chat with NOP Deputy Administrator, Dr. Jenny Tucker. We talk about organic standards, organic label integrity, NOP’s actions against fraud, barriers and challenges organic producers face, NOP’s support for the organic program, and resources for consumer protection.


Enforcement and compliance:

NOP focuses on protecting the integrity of the organic seal and organic farmers. Organic regulations serve to level the playing field for all farmers, producer, and processors who want to convert to organic. NOP holds all commodities, regardless of origin, to the same standards to ensure label integrity.

Fraud and the Organic label:

One of NOP’s #1 commitment is to protect consumers against fraud by imposing a robust system that protects the market. Lately, high profile fraud cases have been reported, and followed by an investigation from the Department of Justice in conjunction with the NOP.

What to do when suspecting Organic label fraud:

Always check for the name of the institution which certified the product. If you are at the supermarket, the certifying agency name should always be listed on the product packaging. If you are at a farmer’s market, ask vendor to display their organic certification.
Use the Organic Integrity Database, which lists all certified operations and which certifier grant them the right to use the Organic label. Accessible from computer or cellphone internet browser.
If suspect fraud, make a complaint over the phone or via email. NOP is here to protect consumers and the integrity of the organic seal.

Informational resources:

Organic Integrity Learning Center offers free online training for all. It offers an overview of the standards, tools for transitioning to organic, tips and fact sheets to break down components of certification… making it less intimidating. Page provides information useful for beginning and experienced farmers.

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