Carbon Footprint and neutrality with Grance Ebner from Gainesville based environmental non-profit, We are Neutral.


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Welcome to our talk with Grace Ebner from We are Neutral, a Gainesville based non-profit.

In this episode, we talk about carbon footprint, biggest print contributors, and tips to identify and reduce your mark. Grace shares tips and suggestions for a cleaner, more neutral life! Grace shares the importance of being mindful and conscious about the role we play within our environment and our impact. We explain carbon neutrality and what measures you can take when planning to reduce your carbon emissions.

Also, we discuss the role of agriculture in climate change and how organic agriculture might be a solution to help mitigate the problem. Let’s protect biodiversity and the carbon cycle. The more carbon in our soils, the less carbon in the atmosphere, CHOOSE ORGANIC!

We call all our listeners to be conscious about the resources we use every day, specially the natural resources we take for granted.

More about We are Neutral:

We Are Neutral helps businesses and individuals understand, reduce, and offset their carbon footprints. We accomplish this through environmental education as well as hands-on carbon reduction and offset initiatives.

Establishing businesses and individuals as carbon neutral leaders allows us to weave sustainability into existing frameworks while directly improving the communities around us.

Visit them on Facebook, their website at https://www.weareneutral.com/, or email info@weareneutral.com